Welcome to the KENET recruitment portal.

The Kenya Education Network (KENET) (http://www.kenet.or.ke) is the National Research and Education Network (NREN) of Kenya. It builds and operates a national broadband private network that interconnects universities, research institutions and other educational member institutions in Kenya. KENET’s mission is to catalyse the transformation of education and research in Kenya using   ICT

KENET provides broadband Internet services, community cloud services such as web hosting, Infrastructure as a Service and Video/Web Conferencing as a Service and specialized research services (e.g., certification authority,  identity provider and access to science gateways) to member institutions that includes all the major universities and research institutions in Kenya. It provides the Cybersecurity Emergency and Response Team (CERT) services for connected academic institutions.

KENET promotes and supports research and education collaboration through Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in different academic areas with a focus on STEM areas of agriculture, engineering, medicine, computer science, materials science and educational technology. It conducts e-readiness surveys of selected member institutions in partnership with faculty and researchers drawn from member institutions.

KENET is an equal opportunity employer and promotes diversity. Female candidates as well as candidates from marginalized or semi-arid area are encouraged to apply. An attractive remuneration package commensurate with the position shall be offered to the successful candidates.